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Insurance is one of the better ways to protect your family and loved one’s who rely on your income by acting as a replacement source of money after your passing. The best part about insurance policy is that it offers one the peace of mind that is very necessary in the toughest of the times. There are several insurance companies but its difficult to choose one and its very important to have a financial advisor who can guide you into making the right decision, and that we are.

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Travel Insurance

When planning for a trip, insurance is usually the last thing on people’s minds. There is the flight and accommodation to arrange, and all the activities to plan. No one ever plans on falling ill on holiday, or having their luggage lost, or their trip cancelled or interrupted due to circumstances beyond their control. But imagine if it happened to you, and you were without insurance?

Super VISA

Canada Immigration and Citizenship introduced a new Visa for Family Reunification on December 1st 2011, which is called “SUPER VISA” under which primary requirement is to buy a medical insurance from Canadian Insurance Company for an applicant and send it along with an application

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